Toronto Decorating Corporation History

A Legacy of Innovation and Inclusion

Toronto Decorating Corporation began its journey in 1972, with a deep-rooted passion for construction and a vision to enhance the spaces where people live and work. From a modest renovation business, TDC has grown into a respected leader in the Greater Toronto Area’s property management industry, known for our high-end renovations, repairs, and meticulous maintenance services.

Building on a Dream of Sustainability

Guided by our founding principles, we treat every project with the utmost care as if it were our own, embracing each client as an integral part of the TDC family. Over the years, our commitment has expanded to include environmental stewardship, incorporating sustainable practices and materials that lessen our ecological footprint and promote healthier living environments.

Years of Exceptional Craftmanship

Growth and Expansion

A Commitment to Community and Empowerment

Our growth at TDC is fueled by an unending dedication not only to craftsmanship and client satisfaction but also to empowering women in leadership roles. Women leaders bring diverse perspectives, drive innovation, and enhance decision-making processes at TDC, strengthening our commitment to community and inclusivity. By advocating for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and single mothers, and empowering female leadership, we provide a voice and support to those who need it most, thereby enhancing our community’s resilience and inclusivity.

Excellence in Every Detail

At TDC, every project is a testament to our commitment to heart-centered excellence, with each detail carefully crafted to ensure the highest quality. Our dedication to renovating spaces have forging lasting relationships and building a family of clients and staff who share our vision for a better, more inclusive future. We ensure that every investment realizes its maximum potential for enduring success, cementing our role as a trusted partner in your long-term achievements.

“We’re not just renovating spaces, we’re creating lasting relationships.”

A Family That Cares

More than just a company, we’re a family. Each team member brings a unique passion and dedication that together shape our enduring legacy. Our team are the heart and soul behind our success. United by a shared mission, we strive to elevate every space we touch, making every project a reflection of our collective commitment.

“Our skilled and qualified staff are not just employees, they’re part of the TDC family.”


Our Mission

A Promise to Our Clients

The driving force behind TDC’s journey has been our mission to be the leading provider of renovation, repair, and maintenance services in the Greater Toronto Area. This mission goes beyond our services; it’s a commitment to our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

Upholding Industry Standards

Our long-standing memberships in various professional organizations, such as the Canadian Condominium Institute (C.C.I.) and the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (A.C.M.O.), underscore our dedication to upholding industry standards and delivering quality work.


How Our Expertise Transformed Their Spaces into Something Extraordinary


John Morton

Fantastic service and excellent workmanship. Louis came and looked at the job right away and started a crew the next day! The painting was perfect, and they also did several drywall and other repairs perfectly, including matching a patch to the existing stucco ceiling perfectly. Highly recommended!!

– HomeStars review 10/10


Mary B Carter

Excellent workmanship and team! We have used them on many projects! Highly recommended, they are professional, punctually and courteous of your home and the owner is amazing to work with! Thank you Toronto Decorating!

– HOUZZ review


Accounting House

Toronto Decorating Corporation has provided many services to our different residential homes and business and we are beyond pleased with their workmanship and ability to project manage each project. Louis is a lovely man to deal with and is very fair with his pricing. Thank you Toronto Decorating!

– Google review


Michelle Blair Campbell

Amazing crew the whole team is efficient and professional and their workmanship is outstanding! Thank you TDC I love my new kitchen and bathroom!

– Yably review

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Our Process

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A Journey Into the Future

Today, Toronto Decorating Corporation stands as a testament to over four decades of commitment, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. As we look toward the future, our mission remains clear and our resolve strong. Our journey continues, building dreams, creating relationships, and reshaping Toronto’s urban horizon.

At TDC, we take pride in our history, the relationships we’ve built, and the spaces we’ve transformed. Here’s to many more years of adding lasting value and exceeding expectations. 

Welcome to our story.

Toronto Decorating Corporation

Revitalizing Your Condominium with Care and Craftsmanship

Your condominium is more than a residence; it's a sanctuary of memories. At TDC, we offer an enriching experience that reinvigorates your property, capturing the essence of every season. Our dedicated team goes beyond the ordinary, infusing each touch with care and professionalism. From renovation to maintenance, we stand as nurturing partners, ensuring your space evolves with a personalized touch. Trust us to transform your condominium into a haven that embodies the spirit of true homecoming.


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